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2009 Summer Anthems Countdown (#17)

by perplex3r, em 23.07.09



With or under the water, Underwater Love produces a stimulating sensation in a season when two bodies get together in a room full of blowers. If outside is hot, it happens the same inside…that is the reason why we (really) have to take everything off, including our Levi’s….Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there’s “Smoke (in this) City”.




Com água ou debaixo dela, Underwater Love, produz uma sensação estimulante numa época em que os corpos se juntam num quarto cheio de ventoinhas. Se lá fora faz calor, cá dentro também se pode dizer o mesmo…por isso é que (obrigatoriamente) temos que tirar tudo, incluindo as nossas Levi’s… Onde há fumo, há fogo e há ““Smoke (in this) City”.


18. Masters At Work feat. India - To Be In Love

19. Dario G - Sunchyme

20. De'Lacy - Hideaway (Deep Dish 7'' Mix)

21. Modjo - Chillin'

 22. ATB - The Summer
23.Shaft - Sway (Mucho Mambo)
24. Mylo - In My Arms
25. Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik - It Just Won't Do
26. Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade: One World, One Future
27. Crystal Waters - The Boy Of Ipanema
28. T-Spoon - Sex On The Beach
29. 2 Eivissa - Oh La La La
30. Sunfreakz feat. Andrea Britton - Counting Down The Days (Axwell Edit)

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De Miguel a 31.07.2009 às 17:05

yes, this song is very... :) hmmmmmm!... for creatures in the heat even when they are underwater ahaha :)

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