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Crazy, imaginative and 110% delicious is what one can say about the Summer Sampler Cd from Fierce Angel, compiled by Mark Doyle. Not only it is filled with fantastic Ibiza Anthems, the 15 track cd is also filled with stimulating electronic tracks, some of them soon to be included on the compilation Es Vive 2009.
Starting with a remix by the well known Wamdue Project (King Of My Castle) for Washes Over Me from Heather Johnson, the cd continues with Purple Haze by Bassmonkeys, whom already have collaborated with Andrea Britton, Musical Freedom from K Klass with the disco diva Candi Staton, a fantastic Vocal Mix for Caught By The Moment by Haji & Emanuel, whom have already remixed Late Night Alumni, and ends with the exclusive What You Need by The Priors, soon to be released on Eye Industry.
What’s the purpose of this sampler cd? Well, it is intended to open your appetite for parties at El Divino in Ibiza and make us aware that Mark Doyle has a fantastic musical taste….still, you can say that 5 pounds for the cd is cheap.



Louco, imaginativo e 100% delicioso, é o que se dizer sobre o Summer Sampler Cd de Fierce Angel, compilado por Mark Doyle. Para além dos fantásticos Ibiza Anthems, coexistem nesta edição de 15 temas, novidades electronicamente estimulantes, alguns dos quais irão ser incluídos brevemente na compilação Es Vive 2009.
Começando por uma remistura dos conhecidos Wamdue Project (King Of My Castle) para Washes Over Me de Heather Johnson, o cd continua com Purple Haze dos Bassmonkeys, que colaboraram com Andrea Britton, Musical Freedom dos K Klass com diva da disco Candi Staton, um fantástic Vocal Mix de Caught In The Moment por Haji & Emanuel, que já remisturaram Late Night Alumni, e termina com o exclusivo What You Need dos The Priors, em breve a ser editado pela Eye Industry.
Para quer serve este sampler cd? Bem, para abrir o apetite das festas no clube El Divino e fazer com que nós tenhamos cada vez mais a certeza que Mark Doyle tem um gosto musical fantástico....para além disso, podem sempre dizer que o cd vale mais do que as 5 libras que custa.


1. Heather Johnson Washes Over Me Wamdue 09 Mix

2. Bassmonkeys Feat. Antigone Always Be Together Original Mix

3. Wamdue Project Ft Jonathan Mendelsohn Forgiveness KD & PZ Mix

4. Melissa Indot Starlight  Eric Kupper’s Starry Remix

5. Bassmonkeys Feat Amber Jolene Purple Haze Club Mix

6. Joey Negro Ride The Rhythm Joey Negro Club Mix

7. K-Klass Vs Candi Staton Musical Freedom K-Klass Club Mix

8. Haji & Emanuel Caught In The Moment Vocal Mix

9. Elek-Tro Junkies Feat Therese Neon Lights Digital Dog Mix

10. Dada, Harris & Obernik Stereo Flo Club Mix

11. Vandalism Bucci Bag Ian Carey Mix

12. Sgt Slick Right In The Night Club Mix

13. Sean Quin & Gus McCullen Getting Away With It Vandalism Club Remix

14. Mason Front Row Chemistry Club Mix

15. The Priors What You Need Club Mix

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